Being an Assessor

We know that our programs are only as good as the people we use, and the reports they produce.

So what does it take to become an Invisible Guest?

A love of dining out and desire to help businesses improve what they do
A keen eye for detail and ability to conduct visits covertly
A flair for thoughtful, articulate writing

At invisible guest we think we’ve got one of the best jobs around. We love eating out and experiencing new things, and we’re not immune from immersing ourselves in a bit of luxury from time to time. Our Invisible Guests come from all walks of life, but they all share one thing – our passion for good food and hospitality.

Most of our Invisible Guests have busy lives doing other things, and they typically will do an assessment for us once or twice a month. We pride ourselves on our level of service so we ask our assessors to complete and return their reports within 24 hours of their visit whilst their experience is still fresh in their minds. Usually they are allowed to take a guest or even make up a party of four, so they have great fun secretly comparing notes with their guests and sharing their experiences. Our Invisible Guests are attentive, observant, accurate and, above all, discreet. They enjoy working ‘under cover’, and adopt all sorts of clever strategies to make notes and reminders for themselves without anyone knowing.

Reports take roughly an hour to complete, but observations and commentary can sometimes take a bit longer as you’ll find you need to include a bit of thinking time too. You’ll need ready access to a computer or tablet with keyboard and the internet, and, ideally, your own car or easy access to other transport. And you have to be at least 18 years of age – sorry kids.

If you’re interested in becoming an Invisible Guest, fill in our  Contact Us form here and we’ll send you a secure link to a brief questionnaire and ask you to submit a short review of a recent dining experience that will help us decide if this is right for you. Assuming you’re just what we’re after, you’ll be advised as soon as an opening to start a new assessor in your region arises, and provided with all the information and guidance you’ll need to get started on your first assignment.